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All the bells and whistles for a fully loaded online auction.
Start your silent auction online and transition to bid sheets at a live event.
A great way to start. You can always further customize as you build your auction.
The base features ALL auctions start with. Completely free.
  All the bells and whistles for a fully loaded online auction. Start your silent auction online and transition to bid sheets at a live event. A great way to start. You can always further customize as you build your auction. The base features ALL auctions start with. Completely free.
Free Auction Optional Upgrades
Up to 20 Items
1 Image / Item
3rd Party Ads
Email Notifications
Online Only
Basic Donor Management
Standard Styling
Self-Managed Payments Online Payment & Donation Collection
Email Support  
Unlimited Bidders  
Total $0.00

Features Included With Every Auction

Features Included With Every Auction
List up to

20 items

in your auction.
Display up to

1 image

for each auction item.
Set a

custom auction link

for easy access and sharing with participants, posting on social media sites, or linking from websites.
Every auction is

mobile friendly

, with no software to download or install. Participants love the ease of bidding on the go or during an event. Administrators love being able to manage their auction from anywhere at anytime.

copy items between auctions


import items from your own spreadsheet

. New
Stay up-to-date with your auction performance by viewing the

real-time auction insights

. You'll love tracking how many times your auction has been viewed, how many bids have been placed, the most active items, and more!
Support for

exact bids, proxy bids, and Buy Now purchases with an option to

enforce rounded bidding

(no cents).

Outbid and watchlist notifications

keep participants engaged in the items they care about. Participants love that the notifications contain a link to the item, allowing them to quickly enter a bid and take back the lead. Bidding wars!
Share your story effectively by

streaming an informational video

on the main auction page. New

Promote your donors

by displaying their name and website link.
Watch a

live stream of bid activity

in the BidFeed. Great for

projecting at an event

and just plain fun to watch. Be careful, it's addicting!
Prevent auction sniping by enabling

extended bidding

Display a

fundraising goal meter

on the main auction page to help drive bidding and exceed your goal.

Collect shipping fees

from winning bidders.

Flexible privacy settings

allow you to open the auction up to anyone, limit access by email domain, or approve each participant individually. Running an auction at your company? Restrict the participants to only those who have a work email address (e.g.
View all auction items, current selling prices, and leading bidder information on the

consolidated sales summary view

, making real-time bid tracking a breeze!

And much more!

There are many more features available, including custom item categories, a handy bidding amount calculator, featured items, and support for multiple currencies. There are simply too many to list!
Features Included With Every Auction

Add More Than 20 Items

Add More Than 20 Items

Increase the number of items

allowed in your auction by increments of 100, up to a maximum of 1,000 items.

Generate captivating auction item descriptions with AI.

Simply provide key item details and

let our AI assistant handle the rest

. Fast and easy! New
Create custom auction item catalogs or thank you letters for your donors using the

downloadable auction item data


Printable auction item display sheets

with QR codes make it easy to display items for viewing offline. Participants can quickly scan the QR code on their smartphone and submit a bid.
Add More Than 20 Items

4 Large Images / Item

4 Large Images / Item
Enhance the look of your auction by

uploading up to 4 images

for each auction item.
Show off your items with the included

large image viewer

. Participants bid higher when they can clearly see the items.
View an item in the Demo Auction for a sample of multiple images and the large image viewer.
4 Large Images / Item

No 3rd Party Ads

No 3rd Party Ads
Show those ads who's the boss by kicking them out of your auction!

Removing 3rd party ads

helps participants stay focused on your auction.
View the Demo Auction for an example of an auction with ads. Careful though, you might find yourself buying a trendy pair of new shoes!
No 3rd Party Ads

Text & Email Notifications

Text & Email Notifications

Outbid text notifications

keep participants engaged in the items they care about. Participants love that the notifications contain a link to the item, allowing them to quickly enter a bid and take back the lead. Bidding wars!

verified phone numbers

for participants who opt into receiving outbid text notifications.
Participants also receive auction specific email notifications, keeping them updated as the auction progresses.
Text notifications are only available in certain countries. Learn More.
Text & Email Notifications

Advanced Insights

Advanced Insights
Item Performance data will guide your efforts to

maximize the amount raised for each item

. With the ability to

search, sort, and even download performance data

, you can easily identify underperforming items which need promoting and top performing items to request for the next auction. It's time to

take your auction to the next level!

See the

impact of your marketing campaigns

in the pageviews by day graph.
Let us

forecast the amount your auction will raise

based on the total fair market value of all items, allowing you to

be confident in your fundraising goal

View all participants and quickly

see who has the highest bid total


who placed the most bids

, and

who most recently joined

the auction. You can also

download participant information

and add it to a contact list.
Track daily progress with a

visual breakdown of the amount raised

each day through bids, donations, and sponsorships.

Confidently promote your event

and keep it trending to your goal!
For a mind-blowing amount of detail and in-depth auction traffic analysis,

link a free Google Analytics account

to your auction and

leverage the power of the Google Analytics site

for tracking email campaigns, discovering how people found your auction, seeing which auction pages are receiving the most views, and so much more!
Advanced Insights

Transition To Live Event


transition your online auction to bid sheets

at a live event, allowing you to expand the reach of your auction through

pre-event bidding

to those who can't attend the event.
Provide information about your live event during the online auction to help increase attendance. The

live event information is displayed throughout the online auction and emailed to all participants

at the end of the online auction.

Showcase live event only items

in the online silent auction. This is a great way to build excitement and get more people to attend the event.

online-only items

which are exclusive to the online auction, allowing winning bidders to be

notified automatically

when the online auction ends.
At the end of the online auction,

customizable bid sheets

are automatically created for you to download and print. Bid sheets contain the leading online bid information making it easy to continue bidding at the event.

Printable auction item display sheets

are useful for displaying items which are difficult to showcase at the event.
At the end of the online auction, maximum proxy bid amounts are provided on the

Sales Summary

page and in the

downloadable auction item data

. This allows you to continue bidding for online participants who can't attend the event.
When the live event is over, come back to the online auction and

enter the final selling price and winning bidder information

. The system will

send winning bidder invoices

which can optionally be paid online. Outbid notifications will also be sent to the previous high bidders in the online auction.
Entering final sales information into the online auction allows you to

consolidate all auction activity in one location

. Insights, invoices, sales summary, and payment tracking will be up-to-date for managing the closeout of your auction and can be referenced when setting up future auctions.

Premium Donor & Sponsor Management

Premium Donor & Sponsor Management

up to 5 donors on each item

, including their name, logo, and link to their website. Donors love seeing their logo on the items they donated, making them more willing to donate now and in the future.

Promote your sponsors

by displaying their name and logo on the main auction page. All sponsorship amounts are included in the total amount raised. Selling sponsorships is a quick and easy way to reach your fundraising goal.

up to 10 custom sponsorship levels

for grouping sponsors, for example Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Track donors and sponsors

across all of your auctions, providing a single location to store your contact information and track all of your interactions. Having one location to track everything makes it easier to coordinate the auction item gathering effort across multiple administrators.
Generate custom reports and thank you letters after

downloading all donor and sponsor information

, including contacts and notes.

View an example

of promoting donors and sponsors in our demo auction.
Premium Donor & Sponsor Management

Apply Your Brand

Apply Your Brand
Match your current brand or choose your favorite colors by

applying a custom color scheme

which is displayed throughout your auction. We make it easy for you to have fun showing off your style.

Upload a custom banner image

which is displayed across the top of your auction. You can even make the banner image linkable to any website.

Arrange the main auction page sections

in your preferred order. Want

sponsors listed first

? You can do that. Want

featured items listed first

? You can do that too!

Customize the main auction page section headings

with your preferred text. Want to call them Supporters instead of Sponsors? Go for it!

A smaller navigation bar at the top of each auction page

allows your brand to stand out even more.
View the Demo Auction for an example of standard styling and the Rock the House Auction for an example of a custom styling.
Apply Your Brand

Online Payment & Donation Collection

Online Payment & Donation Collection

credit cards, debit cards, PayPal payments, and more

by linking a




account to your auction. Participants love having a variety of payment options to choose from.
Leave the tricky business of collecting payments and donations to us. When a payment is made,

money is immediately deposited

into your payment account and transaction fees applied. Quick, easy, and secure!
Available for all auctions with

no up-front cost


Payments are automatically tracked

and displayed on invoices, the downloadable auction item data, and the Sales Summary page, making it easy to see who paid for their items.

Flexible payment options

even allow for offline payments when it's more convenient.
Participants can

add an additional amount to their invoice

when paying online, making it easy for them to

have an even bigger impact

on your fundraising efforts.
Send friendly

payment reminders

to those who need a little nudge to settle up. We can all be forgetful at times!
Provide a

monetary donation option

to those who wish to directly support your cause. A

Donate Money button

will be prominently displayed in your auction, making it easy for supporters to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Low 32auctions transaction fee

of 2.9% + $0.40 per online payment or donation, in addition to the Stripe or PayPal transaction fee (learn more).

No transaction fee

for self-managed payments.

Give participants the option to pay transaction fees

when paying their invoice online or making a monetary donation, allowing them to help

increase your profits!

Online Payment & Donation Collection