About Us

Steve Klodd
Curt Pederson

Our History

When Steve's oldest child was in kindergarten, the elementary school PTO held a silent auction fundraiser. Steve and his wife were able to attend the event and participate in the silent auction. For a while after this experience, Steve kept thinking about all the inefficiencies in this type of fundraiser and was determined to find a better way.

In 2008, Steve and Curt were co-workers at a Fortune 500 company with aspirations to do more, so they started exploring business ideas. During an idea pitch session, Steve brought up his silent auction experience, along with ideas for improvement, and Curt was immediately on board. Steve and Curt then formed 32auctions, determined to build a product which would solve the inefficiencies with traditional silent auctions and help causes maximize their fundraising potential.

Little did they know, this experience was going to lead them to a passion for helping people with their fundraising endeavors. Now, many years later, Steve and Curt beam with pride when thinking about all the communities around the globe which are being positively impacted by money raised through 32auctions.

We hope you'll join us on this beautiful  journey