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11th Annual Rock the House Auction

Absolute Goo
September 2013
07:00 AM EDT
September 2013
12:12 AM EDT
GOAL $10,000.00
116.9% REACHED!

11th Annual Rock the House Auction

We are proud to say that 2013 marks the 11th year for the annual Absolute Goo auction benefiting Compass House! Located in Buffalo, NY, Compass House is the only local center for runaway youth and homeless teens. Monies donated to Compass Housel go for food, clothing and counseling; this year we aim to cover half of the food cost for the entire year for these young people!

With the generosity of The Goo Goo Dolls, Goo fans, other artists and businesses who have donated items to previous annual auction and associated contests, Absolute Goo has had raised more than $80,000 for Compass House over the past eleven years.

We are humbled to be a part of this and are hoping to have another fantastic fundraising event this year -- we can't do that without your help!

BID and BID OFTEN to HELP THE COMPASS HOUSE KIDS! When the auction goes live the link to it will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, the AG Message Board and here. Sharing the link and helping to spread the word to your friends is a huge help too!

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