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The Dining Project

Kids of Kathmandu
February 2014
At Midnight EST
March 2014
10:09 PM EDT

The Dining Project

Kids of Kathmandu's 3nd Annual Gala, The Dining Project, will be held on the evening of March 13th in NYC. We will be auctioning off dining room pieces from New York’s top designers to fund nutrition programs in Nepal.

This event will be raising money for food and nutrition programs in Nepal. Nearly half of children in Nepal under 5 years old are developmentally stunted and one third are underweight. As we are committed to keeping education a top priority for Kids of Kathmandu, supporting children’s development with proper nutrition is critical.

We are proud to present top NY based designers who have designed, built, custom created and donated their unique wares to help us raise funds through their constructive streams of creativity.

In the past 3 years, these collaborative efforts have not only helped tremendously on the ground in Nepal, but have built a great philanthropic energy in the design community here. We are truly proud of the difference that is being made by bridging these two worlds together.

We are also excited to present a selection of photography from recognized artists that have traveled the world sharing their images with us.

About Kids of Kathmandu

A non-profit organization that utilizes photography, art & design to raise funds to improve the lives of orphans and neglected children in Nepal.

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