Palo Verde Park Pollinator Garden Plantapalooza

January 2022
02:15 PM MST
January 2022
08:00 PM MST
GOAL $550.00
102.9% REACHED!

Palo Verde Park Pollinator Garden Plantapalooza

Help the environment, support a local business and beautify a park!

Worldwide, the natural habitat for our precious pollinators is in peril. But here is where you can make a difference. Our water harvesting project by the Peace Labyrinth can provide a vital habitat for our native pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and that can help sustain our ecosystems.

You can help bring our garden to life - and life to our garden.

The Audubon Society envisioned 16 varieties of plants for our site, in the northernmost berms. We're hoping local donors will provide the 58 plants we need. You can help sponsor a plant (or maybe even a few!) and we'll pick it up from our partnering nursery, Desert Survivors, for a planting party at the labyrinth from 9-11 a.m. on Feb. 26.

Each plant is $9. Thanks for Desert Survivors, too, for extending a 5 percent discount to our neighborhood for this project!

About Palo Verde Park Neighborhood Association

The Palo Verde Park Neighborhood Association was founded in 2018 by midtown neighbors seeking to build a stronger community through civic engagement, collaboration and connection.

Our neighborhood draws its name from Palo Verde Park, which is the central core and heartbeat of the neighborhood. It reflects the importance we place on qualify of life, from our ability to interact with nature to our ability to interact with one another in a shared space.

During the uncertainty of the pandemic, neighbors came together to build a labyrinth as a place for reflection and healing. A pollinator garden at the site will give us all the opportunity to restore important habitat while creating a welcoming place for visitors.

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