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Sisu Theatre 2024

Sisu Theatre Society
February 2024
06:00 PM PST
February 2024
06:00 PM PST

Sisu Theatre 2024

Sisu Theatre will be holding an online auction Feb 22 - 25 to help with the expenses to produce the activities for 2024.

We are very excited to be bringing up a show in June! The Visiting Artist will also offer a Workshop to the community. More info soon!

There will also be Acting Classes, a new play written and performed by a lovely local, and a large production in the fall!

Expenses for these activities include:
- Visiting Artist fee to cover travel and accommodation, show and community workshop
- Royalties to Playwright and Composer
- Rehearsal Hall Rental
- Athletic Hall Rental
- Costume materials
- Set materials and build (wood, paint, fabric, etc)
- Props materials and construction
- Printing programs, posters, scripts, tickets
- Technical equipment purchase or rental (lighting, sound, recording)

About Sisu Theatre Society

Persistence at Play.

Founded in Sointula in 2020, Sisu Theatre Society provides theatrical experiences and opportunities for and by the community, as well as classes and mentorship.

In 2023 Sisu Theatre produced 2 productions: “No Wonder!” by Matti Kurikka, and “It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play”, adapted by Joe Landry. There were 7 performances, created by 39 volunteers, and attended by 451 people!

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