Romancing the Runoff

November 2020
12:00 PM EST
November 2020
09:24 PM EST
GOAL $250,000.00
159.5% REACHED!

Romancing the Runoff

We’re romance authors who care about the future of this country and are inspired by fellow romance author Stacey Abrams.

We’re raising funds to help support the Georgia Senate Runoffs by supporting Fair Fight, the New Georgia Project, and Black Voters Matter. Your bid in these auctions is a pledge to donate to these organizations.

You can donate directly to our campaign here, if you're in the US:

Or here, if you're outside the US:

Get a certificate to let a loved one know the gift you bought them helped save democracy!

Fair Fight:
The New Georgia Project:
Black Voters Matter:

About Romancing the Runoff

We’re raising funds to support the Georgia runoff races for Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. These funds will go to Fair Fight, the New Georgia Project, and Black Voters Matter.

The fundraiser was coordinated by Courtney Milan, Alyssa Cole, and Kit Rocha. The auction was made possible by the following volunteers: Akeisha, Shivani Seth, Helena Greer, Megan Gemperline, Lillie Applegarth, Melinda Utendorf, Quinn Avery, Laura Pratt, Amery G Wong, Ann Aguirre, Lauren Sullivan, Alyssa Long, Monique Martin, Phoenix Sullivan, Laura Fliegel, Christina Garner, Devin Harnois

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