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TBTL is Drew McFrizz Rememberers

Pretty Snarky
November 2021
09:00 AM PST
November 2021
07:00 PM PST
GOAL $10,000.00
123.8% REACHED!

TBTL is Drew McFrizz Rememberers

UPDATE FROM JEN: This is such an amazing community. I'm so grateful that we had this way to help out just a little. Thank you all for participating and helping us to exceed the goal.

If you purchased a t-shirt: we have been processing the orders as they arrived (special thanks to Christy for facilitating!)
If you have not replied to my email asking for your shirt size and mailing address, please check your inbox! (tbtljen@gmail.com)

If you purchased a postcard (or several postcards): I will also send you an email to confirm the mailing address. These will go out on or around December 6th.

If you are the winning bidder on one of the original t-shirts or the signed photos, I will mail those priority mail by December 6th.

And thank you to Amy who purchased dinner with me and Jason! We are excited to meet virtual friendos in the wild...

FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY: I will post the exact accounting by January 30th. There will be taxes and cost of printing the new t-shirts, so I'm withholding 25% until all legalities are handled properly.
One listener is covering shipping and Jason and I are covering website and reprographics fees and other costs incurred to set this auction up. So it's really a matter of the final bill from the t-shirt printer and the taxes. I am sending $9,000 to Emily today.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Your generosity is exactly what the show was always about...a little kindness and joy wherever we can spread it.

Jen Andrews, November 24th, 2021

Original Ten, Mike Frizzell, passed away and we want to raise money to help his wife, Emily (also an original) cover upcoming costs.

Jen Andrews will see to getting the funds to Emily as soon as they are received. After website fees and taxes, all proceeds will go directly to Emily. Priority mail inside the US is included.

To send Emily a card:
910 Hawk Dr.
Manchaca, TX 78652

About Pretty Snarky

Established to serve the community of literally TENS of people who love the podcast (and radio show...RIP) Too Beautiful to Live.

We have just lost one of the original tens and want to raise money to help his family as they go through this unbearable loss.

No mountain too tall...and good luck to all

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