Jump in and Jam II for Misericordia

Misericordia Home on behalf of Betsy Capraro
September 2019
12:00 PM CDT
November 2019
10:00 PM CST

Jump in and Jam II for Misericordia

It's Betsy Capraro's birthday. We could'nt think of a better way to celebrate than holding a fundraiser for her home - Misericordia. .

• Musical prodigies John Devlin and brothers Gerry and Tim Burns are donating an evening of entertainment.
• The Ambassador Public House is generously discounting it's menu.
• Friends & merchants have donated the auction items listed here.

Would you consider making a gift to support Betsy? You can purchase an admission ticket, bid on auction items, or make a donation online through this website.

About Misericordia Home on behalf of Betsy Capraro

Betsy Capraro was born with the birth defect hydrocephalus resulting in significant physical and developmental/cognitive disabilities, She will need constant care and support for the rest of her life. Betsy lives in the Marian Center at Misericordia Home. Misericordia's "trademark" excellent care is only superseded by the its ever-present kindness and love. Every one of the 600 residents and 1,200 staff on Misericordia's campus has a kind word for her when they see her. Betsy is very happy at and very well cared for at Misericordia Home.

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