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J. Pepin Art Gallery
November 2022
08:00 AM PST
November 2022
At Midnight PST

Art Auction

J. Pepin Art Gallery is fundraising to relocate and reopen its retail space and support the artists who are also experiencing hardship during this time of closure.

The gallery was opened in September 2013 to raise awareness and combat the misconceptions that exist regarding mental health. For nine years I have been able to do this through a retail space. Unfortunately, after being open for a year at Bridgeport Village they replaced the gallery with a different business at the end of September.

The costs of rent and running a business have increased and it has been very difficult to relocate. The artists continue to hurt from this closure too. For all auction sales, artists will receive their commission and the gallery share will go to reopening.

Thank you for your support!

About J. Pepin Art Gallery

J. Pepin Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery reframing the perception of mental illness to be one of mental health. Along with their work, the artists share their own journeys with mental health creating a much needed dialog. We all have a mental health, as we do a physical health, and we shouldn't be ashamed to talk about it.

The gallery was founded in September 2013 by Jennifer Pepin who lives with bipolar disorder. After personally experiencing prejudice and witnessing the negative perception many have of mental illness, she began going to a support group where she heard similar stories of people faced with stigma.

At the same time, she was overwhelmed by the creativity that existed in the room. She opened the gallery to use this creativity to start a positive conversation around mental health and fight the negative portrayal that so frequently exists. She hopes it empowers people to tell their story and look at mental health in a different way.

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