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December 2015
12:15 AM EST
December 2015
11:51 PM EST
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Welcome to Instruments of Healing's 2015 Online Silent Auction & Donation Campaign! This is our second annual online silent auction, which we are proud to kick off on #GivingTuesday. **FROM DECEMBER 26 - 31, WE WILL BE REDUCING MINIMUM BIDS ON MOST ITEMS!! THE MINIMUM BIDS WILL BE BETWEEN $1 - $5 (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MOST SIGNED MEMORABILIA)! OUR GOAL IS FOR ALL ITEMS TO GO! ** In the spirit of "giving", we hope you will consider either bidding on our fun and unique auction items or making a straight monetary donation to Instruments of Healing. Monetary donations are tax deductible, as are the amounts paid above fair market value of auction items. In addition to your receipt from 32auctions, you will receive an acknowledgement from IoH for tax purposes for both types of donations.

While our organization served over 700 unique participants in Fiscal Year 2015, we are asking for your generosity in helping us expand our programming even further. Our goal is to continue with our success in promoting "musical wellness" for hundreds more people with mental health and substance use challenges, by creating musical experiences that inspire, motivate, and educate our participants in their recovery. To further explore how our organization helps people through music, just click on the guitar logo to the left, or go to www.instrumentsofhealing.org to be directed to our website.

We invite you to search through our extensive list of items - featuring an array of unique items and "packages" (much like you might find at a live silent auction) - for the music lover, the sports enthusiast, the family, the traveler, the foodie, and for fun. There will be new items added throughout the duration of the auction, so keep checking back!

Our signed guitars (with COA and photos) can be found at this site - and also on Ebay at ebay.to/1MPWCgp (please Favorite us!). These include signatures from: Aerosmith, Garth Brooks*, Luke Bryan, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Taylor Swift, Bob Dylan (SOLD), Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin*, Dolly Parton (fiddle), and The Rolling Stones.
* - currently listed on Ebay site

You can find signed music and sports memorabilia (with COA) HERE on this site from: Paul McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel, Eminem, Dave Matthews, Jacob DeGrom (Mets), Derek Jeter (Yankees), RGIII with Desean Jackson & Alfred Morris (Redskins), Bryce Harper and Matt Thorton (Nationals), Cal Ripken, Jr. (Orioles), and Karl Azner (Capitals).

We hope you will take a few moments to check out these items on both sites.

While we encourage you to join in the auction bidding, we also offer the alternative option of donating to Instruments of Healing in the form of a direct monetary donation, through Stripe or Paypal. Just locate the green "Donate Money" button on this page to be directed to this option.

If you are not comfortable making a payment online but would still like to donate or buy an item, please email us at iofhealing@gmail.com to arrange payment by check.

*Please note that our main auction (here on 32auctions) will be running from December 1 - December 15. We will extend certain items we feel have selling potential - as well as the monetary donations platform on this site - through midnight on December 31. *

From those of us at Instruments of Healing, we wish you all very Happy Holidays and Happy Bidding! On behalf of our participants, who will directly benefit from this auction, we are so grateful for your contributions and generosity during this special time of year for giving.

About Instruments of Healing, Inc.

Instruments of Healing, Inc. (IoH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to create musical experiences that promote wellness and inspire, motivate, and educate our peers in their recovery from mental health and substance use challenges. We all know how a catchy tune can make us feel better! Imagine what a difference playing an instrument, singing, or even just listening to music can make when one is faced with a mental health or substance use challenge. Here at IoH, we can see it makes a HUGE difference when we see people's frowns turn into smiles at our programs!

IoH is a mobile program that brings an array of instruments to mental health and substance use treatment settings for program participants to play. Our program elements include instrumental experimentation, basic instrumental instruction, group jamming, solo singing, and group sing-alongs. From those who have no musical experience to those who might have once been professional, IoH has something for everyone! The facilitators are people for whom music has made a difference in their own recovery, and are skilled at bringing out the music people have inside them. With the support of both the facilitators and their fellow peers attending the program, in an environment that is safe and non-judgmental, the program participants get a chance to explore their musical worlds. IoH builds confidence, self-esteem, listening skills, social skills, and most of all - hope.

Andy Goldenson, CEO
Sabrina Schram COO
Samir Qadir, Chair of the Board of Directors

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