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Help Ottawa Fur Kids Online Auction 2018

Help Ottawa Fur Kids
February 2018
09:00 AM EST
February 2018
09:00 PM EST
GOAL $10,000.00
94.9% To Goal

Help Ottawa Fur Kids Online Auction 2018

Welcome to the 6th Annual Help Ottawa Fur Kids Online Auction.

This fun event, raises funds to support local rescue animals in our community. This auction supports LOCAL by showcasing awesome local businesses and then donating all 100% of the proceeds raised to various animal rescues in our community who need help purchasing supplies, food, or covering vet bills for the animals in their care.

Get ready to bid on some pretty awesome items donated from some amazing local businesses.

* In order to participate in the HOFK Online Auction (aka BID ON ALL THE AMAZING ITEMS) you must SIGN UP.
(3 easy steps- which I outlined below)
Step 1: CREATE AN ACCOUNT by clicking the word LOGIN in the right hand top corner.

Step 2: Once you enter you info you will see this message:
"Almost Done…We just sent an email to you to verify your new 32auctions account." You must click the link in that email to finish signing up.

STEP 3: In your email - open the email from 32 auctions - Click link to verify new account and it will bring you to a page with Upcoming Auctions - you should see HOFK online auction pop up! If not, remember this is the auction link

** Before bidding on any items, please make sure you have read and understand what you are bidding, pickup & payment options.

*** Have fun and just remember all 100% is donated directly to the animals in our community.

Thank you for your support, and happy bidding!

Help Ottawa Fur Kids

About Help Ottawa Fur Kids

Hi and welcome! My name is Micheline, and I am a local small business owner. In 2013, I decided I wanted to help animals in our community because I saw so many in need. The goal of this event is to SUPPORT LOCAL - promote awesome local businesses in our community with all 100% raised going back to the local rescues in our community. I am just one person who has the amazing help and support of the community! Proudly I have been able to raise and donate over $112,000 to local rescue animals simply by hosting fun events like this one.

I am so grateful for your support so I can continue to help rescue animals in our community.

At any time you can visit for more information, and you can also see where all the funds that were raised have been donated.

Thank you for your support, happy bidding!
Help Ottawa Fur Kids

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