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Hiking for the Holidays Online Auction 2018

Hike Nova Scotia
November 2018
07:00 AM AST
December 2018
10:00 PM AST

Hiking for the Holidays Online Auction 2018

Support Hike NS and its work. As a not-for-profit society, we work with local partners all over the province to organize guided hikes, offer neat courses like navigation and how to be a hike leader, teach adults how to bring more kids back to nature, advocate for more and better hiking opportunities and support efforts to preserve and protect our wild spaces. All this great work requires funding. So why not double up your holiday shopping efforts - give to those on your shopping list while giving to Hike NS at the same time? Less time in the stores and more time for hiking!

Special thanks goes out to MEC for donating most of the items for the auction.

About Hike Nova Scotia

Support Hike NS and its work. Hike Nova Scotia encourages and promotes a growing hiking culture throughout our great Province. With every step we’re building a community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Hike NS offers a wide variety of events including: Fall & Winter Guided Walk Series, Annual Hiking Summit, Outdoor Council of Canada courses, Re-Connecting with Nature workshops and informative webinars.

Proudly home to the Nova Scotia Chapter of the International Appalachian Trail, we also offer the Hiker Challenge program and Leave No Trace education. The NS Walks program supports weekly walking groups across the province aimed at those who are less active. Our new Trail Builders Network supports the folks who build and maintain the trails you love. Hike NS actively engages in advocacy and policy development on hiking issues while striving to keep our great wilderness areas protected.

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