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The Giant Dinner 2021 Online Auction

Giant Steps
May 2021
03:00 PM AEST
May 2021
11:00 PM AEST
GOAL $10,000.00
152.2% REACHED!

The Giant Dinner 2021 Online Auction

All proceeds from this auction go to Giant Steps, a registered charity supporting children and adults with autism in Sydney and Melbourne.

About Giant Steps

Giant Steps Sydney was founded in 1995 to support and educate children and young adults with Autism, guiding them to achieve measurable results and reach their full potential. Due to overwhelming demand for a specialist school for children with Autism in Victoria, Giant Steps Melbourne opened in Kew in 2016.

Giant Steps provide the following services:
• Primary (5 - 12)
• Secondary (12 - 18)
• Adult Autism Services
• Mental Health Clinic
• Training and Professional Development Services
• Outreach Services

Giant Steps does not charge fees and is a registered charity.

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