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Equity Training for Educators

Environmental Educators of North Carolina
September 2021
08:00 AM EDT
September 2021
07:00 PM EDT
GOAL $7,000.00
121.2% REACHED!

Equity Training for Educators

EENC wants to make #EEforAll in North Carolina. You can help EENC offer training for educators so they can provide more equitable and inclusive environmental education experiences for all of our state's students. While we've been excited to introduce an asynchronous online course on this topic, we know there's no substitute for deep learning guided by an expert facilitator.

The 2021 auction proceeds will be earmarked for future justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion trainings. The true cost of these types of workshops, including expert facilitators, ranges from $3000-$6000 each. You can help make equity-focused training as accessible as possible for the educators in our community by bidding now and bidding often.

All auction items were donated, so all funds raised will strengthen this cause! Thank you for caring so deeply for our state's environmental educators!

About Environmental Educators of North Carolina

Did you grow up catching fireflies, playing in the creek, or building a fort in your yard? Most children in today’s world won’t, which means that when they grow up, they may not have a vested interest in protecting our natural resources and natural spaces. Environmental educators across the state are working to change that. By leveraging evidence-based, research-driven methods to deliver high-quality outdoor, nature-based, and science education, educators across North Carolina are bridging the gap to ensure that children have the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to build a sustainable future.

The Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC) exists to strengthen the field of environmental education in North Carolina and to support the hardworking educators bringing learning to life for learners across the state. Catalyzed in 1990 by a collective need for environmental educators to connect and share resources and inspiration, EENC now boasts a community of over 550 members across North Carolina, including educators, organizations, and community partners representing excellence in our field. Through the advocacy efforts, funding opportunities, professional development offerings, and networking events provided by our staff team and Board of Directors, EENC provides a forum to unite educators, build collective knowledge, and make our voices heard for a greener tomorrow. EENC strives to be a leader in the field of environmental education within North Carolina, the southeast, and the nation.

Every year, we hold an annual auction in conjunction with our conference to raise critical funds to support our community.

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