Collector's Dilemma 2021

May 2021
09:00 AM EDT
May 2021
09:06 PM EDT
GOAL $10,000.00
56.5% To Goal

Collector's Dilemma 2021

Guelph Arts Council (GAC) proudly presents the Collector’s Dilemma 2021, an online auction of fine art donated by local collectors.

This is the fourth year for the auction and the second year the Collector's Dilemma has moved online in response to the pandemic. The Collector's Dilemma is the major fundraiser for the Guelph Arts Council. The funds from this event will make a significant contribution in supporting artists and the arts in the Guelph area. Thanks to the generosity of collectors who may have run out of wall space or are making room for new pieces, we are able to present an exciting collection of quality artwork—in a range of media, styles, sizes, and value.

Start browsing now by clicking "View All Items." Then create an account and start bidding.

Don't miss this opportunity to augment your art collection with new-to-you pieces at incredible prices. Thank you for helping GAC champion the arts at a time when many local artists and arts organizations are struggling.


Q. When does this auction end?
A. May 20 at 9PM

Q. How do I bid?
A. Find the item you want, click "Place my bid" and then the dollar amount.
- If you do not have a 32 auctions account you will be asked for your name, email address and a password.
- Click 'Login' and look for 'Create Account' [small print at lower right]. You may edit your displayed username in your account settings.
- Notifications are sent each time a participant ups your bid on a piece.

Q. Where do the proceeds go?
A. All proceeds go to fund the operations of Guelph Arts Council.

Q. How do I pay?
A. Pay online through the 32 Auctions site using PayPal, which accepts debit, credit cards, and PayPal accounts.

Q. How do I get my art?
A. Ideally you are local to the Guelph area and can pick up your new art once home isolation restrictions have been eased. We will send a online form to the winning bidders email after the auction. Please fill out the form as it will schedule your pick up date and time. Alternatively, you may have someone local to the area who can pick up your purchase for you. If you choose this option please let us know in the form. Lastly, we may be able to ship smaller works with the buyer picking up the cost of shipping and insurance.

Q. Who can I send inquiries to?
A. Our email address is

Good luck and may you have the winning bid.

About Guelph Arts Council

As one of Ontario’s first community arts councils, Guelph Arts Council has championed the arts in Guelph since 1975. Over the years, GAC has been building the cultural heart of the city by assisting with the development of new arts organizations and programs. GAC also supports cultural workers and organizations through its programs and services, and is a voice for the arts, increasing awareness of the role the arts play in transforming lives and creating a vibrant community.

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