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Barn Art Auction - Paintings by Raina Verhey

The Barn in Sisters
April 2023
08:00 AM PDT
April 2023
05:16 PM PDT

About The Barn in Sisters

Welcome to The Barn in Sisters. We are a unique and inspired tap house and food cart lot, surrounded by a beautiful landscape and even more vibrant community of people.

Our vision is to support and host ART in many forms: culinary arts, visual arts, musical arts, structural arts, even our landscaping, botanical flow and seasonal flowers inside and out have an artful thought process that connect us all together.

Our mission is to commission artists with guaranteed paid work and a place to display their work. Through our Barn Art project, we hope to continue growing, empowering and strengthening opportunities for artists to live their passion and share it with the world. Realizing 'success' in whatever that individual meaning is to them.

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Art Series Auction - Paintings by Raina Verhey

Funds from this auction will go directly towards purchasing the next set of art that will be on display at The Barn in Sisters. This is the first of The Barn Art series sales, that we hope to host two times per year moving forward. Our goal is to fill our space with fresh art for the community to enjoy. Our goal is to support artists with the ability to have guaranteed, paid commission work and fill our space with fresh art for our community to enjoy. Follow The Barn: |

Raina was born and raised in Georgia and moved out west as a teenager. She struck out on her own, hopping from place to place before landing in Sisters, Oregon in her early twenties. She has been a painter for four years and a doodler for life. In her words, 'I took to oils as a way to grasp texture in paint and found the medium of my soul. My inspiration is spruce trees over a rocky creek bed, textiles, wood grain, leaves moving in the wind, wild flowers that grow in the backyard amongst unkempt grass blades, Japanese cultural ritual and artistic expression, the journey of the soul.'

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