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The Barbel Society 2018 R&C Auction

The Barbel Society
April 2018
09:00 AM BST
June 2018
11:00 PM BST

The Barbel Society 2018 R&C Auction

Items donated by backers of the society that are considered to be more than a raffle prize and that can raise more money for the society if auctioned.

About The Barbel Society

The Barbel Society exists to promote:

The barbel and its conservation, the conservation and development of suitable barbel fisheries and the quality of the environment in which they are sited.

The highest standards of the sport of barbel angling, to promote public awareness of these standards and the need for barbel and fisheries conservation.

To disseminate information on barbel angling and conservation techniques.

To research the ecology, habitat, life cycle and behaviour of the barbel.

To secure effective consultation with the Environment Agency and other relevant bodies to ensure that the interests of the barbel and the views of barbel anglers in the furtherance of these objectives are taken into proper account.

To promote the development of suitable barbel fisheries including the acquisition and management of fisheries for such propose.

By supporting our auction you are helping to maintain this important work

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