Ask Chefs Anything

May 2020
10:00 AM EDT
May 2020
08:09 PM EDT
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Ask Chefs Anything

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Immigrant workers in the food industry have been serving us for decades. They are now left with no jobs or unemployment benefits. It's our turn to serve them.

Chefs and industry tastemakers from across the city, including Todd Carmichael, Townsend Wentz, Sierra Tishgart, Francis Lam, Connor and Laura Barwin, Michael Ferreri, Jesse Ito, Joe and Angela Cicala, Edward Konrad, Joncarl Lachman, Marc Vetri and more will auction off 30 minutes of their time to share their favorite recipes and cooking tips.

With the generous help of The Chefs' Warehouse, the funds raised will provide groceries for 250 vulnerable immigrant households connected to SEAMAAC and living in Philadelphia. This initiative will next be replicated in
other key cities in America.

When the auction closes, each winner will receive an email from the organizers to coordinate the call with their elected chef.

Calls will take place over Zoom; the organizers will create that URL and share it with the winner and chef.

During your call with you will be able to #AskChefsAnything and yes we mean anything! So get started thinking about all the things you have always wanted to know about your favorite Chefs!

About Ask Chefs Anything

Gaeleen Quinn, founder of Q&A Hospitality consulting and the Bogota Food & Wine Festival, pulled together the initiative with strategy & design consultancy Polonsky & Friends as a way to give back to the immigrant workforce that is crucial to the restaurant industry. These hard working individuals, who work the longest hours and are often doing the hardest tasks; they are now left with no jobs and no unemployment benefit, struggling to put food on their plates and fearing to get sick without any support from the government.

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