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The Asian Circle 5th Anniversary Fund Raiser

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November 2018
01:00 AM GMT
December 2018
12:00 PM GMT
GOAL £3,000.00
21.0% To Goal

The Asian Circle 5th Anniversary Fund Raiser

The Asian Circle, are working with the poorest indigenous tribal villages in Chhattisgarh, India in partnership with Oxfam India to overcome poverty and end violence against women and girls.

The funds that we raise, for this award-winning programme, are being used to build support centres for women, provide sustenance, counselling, education and livelihood programmes. In addition we are working with the men, youth and elders to engage and create awareness about domestic violence.

Here is what your money will provide:

£100 provides vital legal aid to 5 women

£300 provides a monthly counselling session for 20 women facing violence

£500 provides capacity building for women survivors, for example by establishing a survivors’ support network

£1000 could help cover the cost of awareness raising session for 100 men on violence against women, challenging entrenched attitudes and beliefs about women

£2000 could pay for 250 police officials to be educated about issues surrounding gender-based violence

£3900 would train 650 village women to form vigilance groups to support women facing violence.

Please donate generously and create a society where all women are valued, safe, empowered and free from violence.

About The Asian Circle

The Asian Circle is a network of passionate women from diverse backgrounds wanting to support vulnerable women in South Asia. We are supporting a unique programme in partnership with Oxfam India and local NGOs to help poverty-stricken women in East India help build their lives. The Asian Circle is part of the collective The Circle founded by Annie Lennox with a mission for a ‘fairer and equal world for women and girls’

By working in the community, the programme helps reduce violence, provides education, training and development of skills for jobs and helps reduce poverty. 

With generous donations we have established three women's support centre in Chhattisgarh that provides counselling, legal aid and vocational skills training.

We are now raising funds for:
• More support centres  
• Training staff to help the women
• Provide counselling and legal aid
• Help with vocational skills that can help them earn a living
• Help the women develop self-confidence and self esteem

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