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MLML Open House 2021

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Student Body
June 2021
07:00 AM PDT
June 2021
08:22 PM PDT
GOAL $5,000.00
65.2% To Goal

MLML Open House 2021

For the last several decades, MLML has hosted a two-day open house event to invite members of the public to visit the labs while interacting with faculty and students and learning about the laboratories’ many research projects. This annual MLML Open House is free to attend for all members of the public, however it is also the main fundraising source for our student body funded scholarships.

Funds raised through donations, raffle sales, and food purchases that occur during the event are used to provide the next years financial aid and scholarships for our students. These funds will directly benefit the members of the MLML community by raising awareness on marine science while providing funding to graduate students. All current graduate students are eligible to apply for the scholarships raised through this event.

Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic, we have had to cancel the 2020 and 2021 in-person Open House events. This year our student body has decided to host a virtual silent auction and crowdfunding event ( in order to temporarily replace our Open House, which is vital to the financial support of many students at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.

About Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Student Body

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) administers the Master of Science in marine science program for California State Universities in northern and central California, and is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in both education and research. San José State University oversees MLML, and is the primary funding source, administering all contracts and grants, and through which all faculty and researchers are affiliated. An outfitted marine operations department, active research diving program and state of the art equipment allow for cutting edge research in a wide variety of disciplines including: marine ecology; the biology of marine plants, invertebrates, fishes, turtles, birds and mammals; oceanography and marine geology; chemistry and biogeochemistry. MLML is known for a hands-on, field-oriented approach which places our students, faculty, researchers and staff at the frontiers of marine science worldwide where discoveries are being made. MLML provides the skills and training so students become successful scientists, teachers and resource managers serving societal needs involving marine issues.

There are presently 90 graduate students at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories working towards obtaining a Master’s in Marine Science.

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