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Hospital Lumiere 2021 Benefit Auction

Hospital Lumiere
November 2021
04:00 PM CDT
November 2021
04:25 PM CDT

Hospital Lumiere 2021 Benefit Auction

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! We are so grateful for your faithful support of Hospital Lumiere, particularly now after the devastating earthquake. HarvestCall is working with Dr. Frantz Codio, our very capable Haitian Administrator, to enable the hospital to effectively serve patients using temporary measures and facilities as we assess the state of the hospital and move forward. This annual fund-raising auction is a critical part of Hospital Lumiere's budget, and we thank you for your participation and support.

About Hospital Lumiere

Hospital Lumiere is a 120-bed primary care medical-surgical hospital located in the village of Bonne Fin, high in the mountains of southern Haiti. The mission of Hospital Lumiere is to provide excellent and effective medical care with compassion and Christian love.

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