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Gifts4Good: Lemur Edition

Endangered Primate Foundation
November 2021
01:00 AM EST
December 2021
11:45 PM EST
GOAL $2,400.00
121.3% REACHED!

Gifts4Good: Lemur Edition

This year, you can do your holiday shopping while helping some lemurs in need! The Endangered Primate Foundation is proud to provide lemurs rescued from the pet trade and other inappropriate environments with life-long, expert care at our Prosimian Sanctuary. Your participation in this auction will provide sanctuary residents with veterinary care, nutritious diets, enriched habitats, and essential socialization provided by experienced professional staff. You can help lemurs like Marley and Rocket, both former pets who became aggressive towards their owners, or like Raffi and Zazu, both former pets who suffered permanent injuries from inadequate care and housing. Our goal is to raise $2400, enough to provide a year's worth of care for two Prosimian Sanctuary residents. So this year, consider an alternative to Black Friday, crowded malls, and impersonal online shopping. Get unique gifts at EPF's Gifts4Good: Lemur Edition.

About Endangered Primate Foundation

EPF protects primate individual welfare and species survival. At our Prosimian Sanctuary, we provide specialized professional care for lemurs rescued from the pet trade and other inappropriate environments. This care includes physical and behavioral rehabilitation, appropriate socialization, and enriched environments. We provide financial support for conservation organizations working in Madagascar. We envision a world where nonhuman primate individuals and species are no longer threatened by human activities.

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