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GALT's 2022 Summer Sizzler Auction

August 2022
08:00 AM CDT
August 2022
09:00 PM CDT

GALT's 2022 Summer Sizzler Auction

After numerous 100-plus degree days in the past couple of months, GALT and its hounds are truly having a SIZZLING SUMMER -- so we thought it would be appropriate to hold GALT's 2022 Summer Sizzler Auction in August. We have some unique jewelry pieces and fine art in this auction --along with nice gift cards / packages, accessories and more -- so get those bidding fingers warmed up!

Please take note of our special FAN (Fund-A-Need) items in this auction. Maybe you don't need more "stuff" but you can still help the hounds by making a FAN donation to honor Lisa and GALT's other Injured Reserve greys (item #37.) Another way to help is by joining the Houn House FAN Club (item #38.)

Lisa came to GALT as an owner surrender with a large mass on her right lateral thoracic area. Our GALT veterinarians have evaluated her and referred her to Dr. Bob Radasch of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center for an appointment on Monday, August 22. As many of you know, Dr. Radasch has been GALT's surgeon of choice for over 20 years now. His evaluation will lay out a plan of treatment, which may involve more than one surgery. The mass is quite large, measuring approximately 12x15cm.

8/22 UPDATE: Dr. Radasch diagnosed the growth is a Lipoma. Surgery is scheduled for October 13, requiring at least one overnight stay. It is hard to know how many layers of muscle are involved, or if only one surgery will be required. Lisa's medical expenses are estimated to be at least $3,000 for this surgery, and it is unknown at this time if additional surgeries will be required. If so, her medical expenses could be quite significant.

Our other four Injured Reserve greys -- Astro, Bob Barker, Pumpkin, and Watson -- are all currently being treated for heartworms or Ehrlichia. Medical costs to treat Ehrlichia generally average $1,500 and most heartworm expenses average $2,600.

Our electricity bills alone at Houn House for the month of June have exceeded $800, and July's bill hasn't been received yet.

Won't you help defray some of these operating costs by making one or more $25 or $50 donations to our FAN Clubs? GALT will do whatever it takes to cover our IR greys' medical expenses and keep the greys in boarding comfortable, and we count on people like YOU to help us in that effort!

As always, thanks so much to the donors, bidders and volunteers who have made our online auctions so successful. We truly could not do what we do without your help!


Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc. (GALT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation operating in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, throughout Texas, New Mexico and the United States since May 2001. GALT has assisted approximately 3900 greyhounds and other sighthounds in finding their forever homes.

GALT depends solely on donations, fundraisers and net proceeds from its for its operating budget of more than $657,000 per year for needs of the dogs in its possession.

GALT takes a neutral stand on greyhound racing.

GALT is always willing to sing the praises of owning retired racing greyhounds as companion pets. If your club, organization or group is interested in hosting an educational presentation, please contact us and we will gladly endeavor to accommodate your schedule.

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