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Bowling for Animals 2019

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September 2019
08:00 AM MDT
September 2019
04:00 PM MDT
GOAL $16,000.00
28.1% To Goal

Bowling for Animals 2019

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In 2018, we saved 173 animals from uncertain futures and incurred vet costs of over $40,000.

A lot of organizations specialize in a specific breed, they may only take seniors or they may specialize in kittens and puppies. Demi’s Animal Rescue realizes that all types of animals are in need and are a victim of the pet homelessness, so we are open to take all cats and dogs. We have taken pit bulls, healthy kittens, special needs seniors, owner surrenders, etc. As long as there is a foster available that is equipped to take the animal in need, the rescue is willing to support that animal and take it under it’s wing! Because we are willing to take on some of the more difficult cases and provide a high level of veterinary care for all of our animals, our vet bills are by far our highest expense every year & we are only able to continue with this because of your generosity!

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** Please note that items will be added up until the auction date and some items may change as we start packaging items. If you like an item, please be sure to visit the donors Facebook page & give them a "like" to show them support! **

You can watch an item by clicking on the star after you create and account. You can also access items you have bid on by clicking on the heart on the top bar.

IMPORTANT BIDDING INFORMATION: When making a bid, you can select "Exact Bid" or "Proxy Bid". A proxy bid allows you to enter the maximum amount you're willing to spend and then let the system bid for you up to that amount. To do this, enter your maximum proxy bid amount, click the Proxy Bid button, and then submit your bid. (More info here: https://www.32auctions.com/pages/help.html#bidding)

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If you are interested in attending our Bowling for Animals event, please visit this link for more information:https://demisanimalrescue.com/bfa-2019/

About Demi's Animal Rescue

Demi’s Animal Rescue is a no kill animal rescue that focuses on solving pet homelessness through adoption, spay/neuter and pet retention. We do not discriminate against any animal that is in need and open our door to all regardless of their breed, age or special care required. We strive to see the day that pet homelessness is eliminated worldwide. Once an animal reaches Demi’s Animal Rescue… It Only Gets Better From Here.

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