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Help Fund a Urodynamic System for Cobequid Centre!

Cobequid Health Centre Foundation
May 2024
06:15 PM ADT
June 2024
02:00 PM ADT
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Help Fund a Urodynamic System for Cobequid Centre!

Cobequid is celebrating Cobequid Month in May! Our Annual Cobequid Month Auction this year is dedicated to funding a Urodynamic System for Cobequid's Urology Department. Don't miss your chance to pick up one of the sweet items donated by the community and improve our healthcare at the same time.

Join us in a crucial initiative to equip the Cobequid Health Centre’s Urology Clinic with a comprehensive wireless urodynamic system. Our current urodynamic system is at the end of its useful life and can no longer be repaired. Make a donation today and support our dedicated healthcare team by providing access to this important tool so they can continue to provide our community with the quality care for which the Cobequid Centre is known.

The new system will increase our capability to diagnose and treat a wide range of urological conditions. It will enable our medical team to assess bladder and urinary tract function with precision. By measuring key parameters such as bladder pressure, urine flow rate, and muscle activity, the urodynamic system enables us to diagnose conditions such as urinary incontinence, bladder dysfunction, and bladder disorders with greater accuracy. Moreover, this system will play a crucial role in guiding treatment decisions and monitoring patient progress.

With the real-time data and comprehensive insights provided by this technology, our physicians can tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs, optimizing outcomes and improving quality of life. Having a new urodynamics system is critical to the care we offer at the Cobequid Centre. Please make your bid today.

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About Cobequid Health Centre Foundation

Cobequid Community Health Centre (CCHC) is here for you, your family and your neighbours. Whether you require emergency care, are managing a chronic illness, or need routine tests, care is available for your entire family - your children, siblings, parents, and grandparents.

The Cobequid Community Health Centre serves the communities of Bedford, Sackville, Waverley, Fall River, Hammonds Plains, Mount Uniacke, and surrounding areas.

Each and every day our Foundation team is supporting the healthcare needs of our community by fundraising for priority medical equipment. This provides the tools needed for our professional healthcare team so they can provide quality compassionate care for our community.

Our Story : In 1976, two community-minded individuals, Shirley Freer and Carol Crosby, were determined to fill the need for health and social services in the Bedford-Sackville area. They inspired others to take on this challenge and refused to give up until they saw this need filled. Community support grew and soon they had a group of dedicated individuals ready to make a change. In 1987, the Emergency Department at the Cobequid Multi-Service Centre opened, making it the only free standing emergency room in Canada at the time.

Indeed, the founders were right about the need, so much so that as the community grew, the need for the centre grew. Again, determined, like-minded individuals took up the challenge, bringing the community together to raise $4 million dollars to be used towards the construction of a new centre. In February 2006, as a result of the dedication of the community, the new, much larger Cobequid Community Health Centre opened.

Our community continues to grow, so in 2016, the Foundation started fundraising for its Emergency Triage Project. When planning for the Cobequid Centre’s Emergency Department, it was anticipated that the maximum future volume for our Emergency Department would be 20,000 patients annually. However, our catchment area has grown, last year alone our Emergency Department served more than 50,000 patients. It has enabled the centre to expand our triage area, expand our registration capacity, increase infection control measures and ensure we have the equipment required for our growing needs.

Today, the Centre continues to provide essential health and social services to residents of its surrounding communities. It is due to the generosity of these very communities that the Cobequid Community Health Centre is able to continually grow to meet the ever-expanding needs of the public.

For more information on the Cobequid Foundation please contact our President & CEO, Stacey Chapman, at (902) 220-2064 or Additional information can also be found on our website at

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