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Canadian Hanoverian Stallion Service Auction 2021

Auction Terms and Conditions
February 2021
08:00 AM EST
February 2021
At Midnight EST

Canadian Hanoverian Stallion Service Auction 2021

The proceeds from the Canadian Hanoverian Society Service Stallion Auction help with the ongoing promotion and awareness of the Hanoverian horse and the Canadian Hanoverian Breeders.

All auction bids include first collection fee and booking fee for LFG donations.

Bidding starts on February 5, 2021 at 8:00 am and closes on February 15, 2021at 12:00 am.

How do I Bid?
- Register as a bidder
- We have many quality stallion offerings this year, review them all and make your selections.
- Review the Auction Terms and Conditions
- All bidders are expected to familiarize yourselves with the Stallion Contracts prior to bidding.
- You may contact the Stallion Owners with specific questions.
- Place your bid - Check back frequently - Bid increments are set to $25.

Successful bidders:
- Will be notified via email within 24 hours after the close of the auction.
- Payment must be received in full from all successful bidders within 48 hours of the auction closing.
- Payment can be made in visa MasterCard, Visa, or Etransfer.

Thank you for your support and Happy Bidding!

About Auction Terms and Conditions


Registration Process & Bidding Information

1. Your winning bid will cover any booking and first collection fees for the LFG contracts but the bidder will be responsible for all shipping and container fees. There is no GST charged on the winning bids. For U.S. based stallions, Canadian winners must also pay for all CEM-related costs.

2. Bids are binding and cannot be withdrawn – NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. The 2023 Stallion Service Auction (SSA) will be conducted by Internet bidding only and begins February 3 at 8:00 am and closes on February 12 at 11:59 pm.

4. Anyone is able to browse the stallion listings without registering and logging into the CHS website. But if a user wants to bid on a listing they must register for free and then log in with the username and password they create.

5. To REGISTER and LOGIN: Bidders must provide a full first and last name along with a valid email address & phone number. Bidders are urged to register early.

6. Breedings are not transferable to another person, except with express permission from the stallion owner/agent.

7. Stallions marked as “Bidder’s Choice” will be grouped with one or more stallions in a single auction. The winning bidder in a “Bidder’s Choice” auction will be asked to indicate their preference for one (1) of the stallion services listed in that grouping.

8. All bids will be in Canadian dollars. Bids will be in $25 increments.

9. Bids are binding and cannot be withdrawn. A bidder may bid on any number of stallion services. However, by placing a bid you are making a legal contract between yourself and the Canadian Hanoverian Society (further referred to as the CHS) for each service you bid on.

10. Proxy Bidding: The proxy bid feature allows the bidder to enter the maximum amount (any amount greater than the current minimum bid) they are willing to bid for an item. This proxy bid is kept confidential from other bidders and sellers. When a “proxy” bid is entered into the system, that bid is stored in the database and that value is the maximum possible bid for that bidder for that auction (unless raised further). The system will then use that proxy amount to compare to subsequent bids made into the system on that auction to make bids for that proxy bidder up to the max amount of their proxy bid.

11. Two Bids The Same: Anytime the system receives 2 bids that are the same, the first bid entered into the system wins. When the bid history displays 2 bids of the same amount, the bid which was placed first is a proxy bid. When someone submits a second bid of the same amount, the first bidder continues to be the winning bidder because they were first to bid that amount.

12. The CHS will not be responsible for non-receipt of bids, or network or computer processing delays.

13. Privacy: When a user enters information to register for the site, it will only be used for the CHS auction and not for any other mailing lists.

What your Bid Covers

1. Your winning bid will cover any booking and first collection fees for the LFG contracts but the bidder will be responsible for all shipping and container fees. There is no GST charged on the winning bids. For U.S. based stallions, Canadian winners must also pay for all CEM-related costs.

2. For any subsequent collections or shipments, the winning bidder will be responsible for all fees as per the stallion owner’s breeding contract. Bidders should obtain or look at a copy of the stallion owner’s breeding contract prior to bidding.

3. The winning bidder agrees to abide by the terms of the stallion owner’s breeding contract, and the CHS does not assume liability for any disputes that may arise between the bidder and the stallion owner.

Payment Process

1. Winners will be notified via e-mail at the close of the auction & invoiced within 24 hrs. Payment can be made via Visa, MasterCard, or eTransfer. Payment must be received within 48 hours of auction closing (by Tuesday, February 14th 11:59PM).

2. Bids not paid in full by the due date will be considered forfeited and the next highest bidder will be declared the winner. Stallion owners will not ship semen or service any mare until they have been notified that payment has been received by CHS. Winning bidders should complete and sign the stallion owner’s contract shortly after funds are sent or as agreed upon by stallion owners.

3. THERE WILL BE NO BID WITHDRAWS, EXCEPTIONS OR REFUNDS GIVEN. In other words, if you don’t want to pay for the stallion service, don’t bid!

4. Please contact the stallion owner before bidding with any questions about the contract or auction specific terms and conditions.

Auction Policy, Procedures, and Governance

1. Should a stallion become unfit for service, die, sold or be gelded prior to servicing the winning bidder’s mare, only money paid to CHS for the auctioned stallion service will be refunded and shall constitute payment in full for any damage that may be incurred by the bidder and/or his agent. CHS will not be liable for any additional fees paid by the mare owner to the stallion owner/agent or the owner/agent’s veterinarian or repro facility, or for any container/shipping fees. There are no guarantees of conception or delivery of a live foal.

2. By submitting your registration on-line, bidders acknowledge that they have read and will comply with the Canadian Hanoverian Society policies, rules, terms and conditions laid out herein and with the terms and conditions.

3. The use of The Canadian Hanoverian Society auction system and services is limited to parties who can enter into and form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Minors (those under 18) are prohibited from using the system and services. Users must provide truthful and accurate information when registering, as registration indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions.

4. Buyers and Sellers agree to release Canadian Hanoverian Society and its employees and agents should a dispute arise between the parties during a transaction. Each party agrees to release Canadian Hanoverian Society from claims, demands, damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way associated with such disputes.

5. The bidder agrees and acknowledges that he/she fully realizes and accepts that there is a possible danger of injury, sickness, or death involved in the breeding of horses and the attendant care of the mare. The bidder voluntarily assumes all risk of accident, injury, sickness or death to said mare and specifically releases the Canadian Hanoverian Society, its directors, officers, employees and agents from all liability for any and all injury to, disability suffered by, or sickness or death of the mare or foal from any cause whatsoever, and specifically waives any and all claims resulting from such injury, disability, sickness or death.

6. Users are required to comply with all local, state, provincial and federal laws regarding use of our services.

7. The Canadian Hanoverian Stallion Service Auction website is provided “as is”. Canadian Hanoverian Society Stallion Service Auction makes no warranties or representations of any kind, expressed or implied. Canadian Hanoverian Society Stallion Service Auction does not guarantee the availability of any of its services.

8. Canadian Hanoverian Society Stallion Service Auction shall in no event be held liable for any damages arising out of use (or inability to use) of the site and services, or in connection with this User Agreement.

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