Harvest Home (Alone) Auction

September 2020
09:00 AM EDT
October 2020
09:03 PM EDT
GOAL $30,000.00
66.0% To Goal

Harvest Home (Alone) Auction

Welcome to this year's Harvest Home (Alone) Auction! We wish we could be celebrating the end of the season like we usually do, all together on the farm, but we are happy to be able to come together virtually to celebrate this season's accomplishments.

This season was unlike any other. With the COVID crisis beginning just as our crops needed to get into the ground, our farm team had to shift. With the water wheel funded by the Reliant Foundation and several dedicated volunteers, everything was planted and now is being harvested in small groups.

Our team and volunteers have had to adapt and change plans too many times to count this season, but the goal has remained the same: to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals in our community experiencing hunger. As of today, over 183,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables have been donated for hunger relief.

However, the work is not over. The pandemic is disproportionately destabilizing the low-income households in our community. Food insecurity among children is projected to increase 81% in Massachusetts (from 1 in 10 children to 1 in 5) - the 2nd highest percent change in children at risk of food insecurity in the country, according to Feeding America. For adults, the expected increase is from 1 in 11 to 1 in 7. By donating today, you will be ensuring that produce will be available to our food insecure neighbors.

Watch our season recap here:
Produced and edited by Carol McPherson https://vimeo.com/carolmcpherson

Here are way to contribute to our mission of hunger relief:
1. Click the orange "View All Items" button on the left to start bidding on auction items
2. Click the green "Donate" button in the top right corner of your screen
3. Text "GIVE" to 508-213-9924

*If you are having any trouble please contact us directly at MaryHope@community-harvest.org or call 774-545-5409*

About Community Harvest Project

Community Harvest Project is a non-profit farm that engages volunteers to grow fresh fruits and vegetables to provide to those experiencing hunger. Through our volunteer farming programs and community partnerships, we bring thousands of community members together each year to improve access to healthy foods for individuals and families in need across Worcester County.

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