'Art In Motion' in association with Bentley Motors banner image

'Art In Motion' in association with Bentley Motors

Inner-City Arts
December 2020
12:00 PM PST
December 2020
12:00 PM PST

'Art In Motion' in association with Bentley Motors


Earlier this year, in association with Secret Walls Studio in Downtown Los Angeles, Bentley Motors launched ‘Art in Motion’ – a program celebrating the power of inspiration as it crosses generations, and the release of the new Bentley Bentayga.

As the definitive luxury SUV that builds further on the outstanding success of its predecessor, the evolved design of the new Bentayga served as the inspiration for three original art works, brought to life by three extraordinary young artists - each seeking to honor tradition by breaking it: type artist ‘It’s A Living,’ contemporary artist Mikael B, and multidisciplinary designer and illustrator Laci Jordan.

These inimitable and inspired pieces focused on the Bentayga’s details: illumination, diamond-pattern and strong, bold lines will now be auctioned. All funds raised will benefit Inner-City Arts, an Los Angeles based arts education program that works to empower the next generation of creators.

Discover more at BentleyMotors.com/ArtInMotion or follow in sponsor links below.

About Inner-City Arts

Proceeds from the Art in Motion auction will benefit Inner-City Arts, an LA-based arts education nonprofit that works to positively affect the lives of children with the least access to resources, improving their chances to lead productive and successful lives by developing creatively, learning skills, and building self-confidence.

Founded in 1989, Inner-City Arts' unique learning oasis for creativity and art in the heart of Downtown LA's Skid Row typically serves more than 6,000 young people each year across all grade levels and art forms. Students immerse in a safe and supportive studio setting with professional and caring Teaching Artists to learn new art and life skills—and to express themselves.

Inner-City Arts is making sure those with the least access overall have guaranteed access to tell their own stories through making films, designing animations, writing, performing, and making art. With its transition into digital spaces during COVID-19, Inner-City Arts staff has distributed Art Kits with supplies, materials, and all technology needed for full participation of students enrolled in programming virtually since shelter-in-place began. The nonprofit has also loaned out digital hardware and other technologies to students so they do not lack the necessary, cutting edge tools to create.

The Arts play an incredibly important role in healing and social-emotional learning for young people, especially right now. Donated proceeds from the auction will help ensure these opportunities remain open for all young people served by Inner-City Arts.

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