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The 23rd Annual AAM Craft Show is OPEN!

The Academy Art Museum
October 2020
08:00 PM EDT
October 2020
08:03 PM EDT
GOAL $75,000.00
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The 23rd Annual AAM Craft Show is OPEN!

The Academy Art Museum in Easton, Maryland hosts its 23rd annual Craft Show from October 16 - 18. The virtual Craft Show provides the community on Maryland's Eastern Shore and beyond the opportunity to meet and celebrate the artists while acquiring beautiful work produced by makers from across the country.
You can look through the entire site now and create your personal WATCHLIST -- PLEASE NOTE that bidding and buying is open until 8 PM Eastern Time, Sunday, October 18th.


Have questions and want to chat? Text: AAMchat to 474747

This year, we welcome Katherine Mann, Honorary Chairman and Visionary Artist for the 2020 Virtual Craft Show.

Meet Katherine Mann -
As one of the two major Museum events of the year, the Craft Show raises funds to support the mission of the Academy Art Museum. All proceeds from the show in the form of fees, sponsorships and contributions go to the Museum. Our Craft Show shares most of the revenue from sales with the artists and we are pleased to support their work.

What makes the Craft Show not just possible, but so important to furthering the mission of the Museum are the donations from our supporters in the community.

The Academy Art Museum would like to extend a special THANK YOU to our Craft Show sponsors and partners.

Mr. and Mrs. George P.A. Eysymontt
Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell
Craig Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. James Harris
Ms. Catherine McCoy
Courtney and Scott Pastrick

Meta and Billy Boyd
Diz Hormel
​Jill and Jack Meyehorff
David & Deborah Willse

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bodorff
Tom and Jacqueline Collamore
Joyce and Steven Doehler
Richard and Susan Granville
Mary Ann Schindler and Martin Hughes
Lisa and Peter Hunter
Jeffrey and Ellen Huvelle
Bette Kenzie
Joan and Frank Kittredge
Christine and Don Martin
MaryLou and Joseph Peters
Patricia and Timothy Roche
Seip Family Foundation
Karen and Langely Shook
Missy and Seth Warfield
Bruce Wiltsie & Bill Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Alpi
Carter Gooch Bradshaw
Rick and Jan Hynson
Diane Terpeluk
J.T. and Mary Tydings Smith
Nanny Trippe
Carolyn Williams and Colin Walsh

What's Up? Media
The Star Democrat
The Talbot Spy

Contributions at any level are welcomed! Thank you for your support!
For more information, visit us at:

Missed a Zoom session? See them on our website and all social media channels! Visit our Vimeo here:

10/16, 2pm - Shana Kroiz

10/17, 10am - Amanda Hagerman
10/17, 12pm - Little Crafters Weaving Project
10/17, 4pm - Jennifer McBrien

10/18, 10am - Ellen Cohen
10/18, 2pm - Little Crafters Weaving Project Part 2
10/18, 4pm - Lauren Boyle

About The Academy Art Museum

The Academy Art Museum Craft Show supports fine artists and makers across the country. Funding derived from the Craft Show supports the mission of the Academy Art Museum in Easton, Maryland to promote the knowledge, practice, and appreciation of the arts and to enhance cultural life on the Eastern Shore by making available to everyone the Museum’s expanding collection, exhibitions, and broad spectrum of arts programs.

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