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LifeFirst 2022 Dinner for Life Gala

April 2022
08:00 AM CDT
April 2022
06:45 PM CDT

LifeFirst 2022 Dinner for Life Gala

Your participation in this auction will help fund LifeFirst student outreaches, enabling young people to impact our community and the culture at large! LifeFirst offers 5 student contests which provide an outlet for Texas students to find their pro-life voice.

These contests are not academic exercises. They serve as conversation starters between students and adults, whether they are parents, teachers, or pastors. These conversations influence multiple generations and equip all participants to communicate the value of life within their sphere of influence. For more info about our contests, visit

LifeFirst also sponsors pro-life scholarships for students enrolled in the Lone Star College system. Scholars can earn up to $2,000 per school term by starting or maintaining a pro-life club on campus. Junior colleges offer the unique opportunity to engage with students of all ages – dual credit high school students, those just beginning their college careers, and even older adults returning to school. These pro-life scholars are building a stronger commitment to life among youth in our community. For more information about the scholarships, please visit

About LifeFirst

LifeFirst's mission is to do the grassroots work of individual heart and mind change to make abortion and euthanasia unthinkable. Our vision is to see our society return to one where each individual Life is valued and protected from conception to natural death. We pursue this attitude shift via a three-pronged approach of prayer, education and providing direct care for people making life decisions.

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