2020 Yukon Gov. United Way Yukon Silent Auction

September 2020
05:00 PM PDT
September 2020
12:00 PM PDT
GOAL $15,000.00
119.9% REACHED!

2020 Yukon Gov. United Way Yukon Silent Auction

Every year Yukon Government employees organize a Breakfast and Silent Auction to raise funds for United Way Yukon. By participating in this auction you support the valuable efforts of United Way Yukon. All money raised goes to support Yukon non-profits and charities that provide essential programs, services and supports throughout the Territory. For information on how United Way Yukon makes a difference please visit www.unitedwayyukon.ca

About United Way Yukon

United Way Yukon is borne of the idea that we can do more together than apart. Even with the strong history of individualism found in the Yukon, with our isolation and size we all seem to understand the truth in collective action.

Since 1995 United Way Yukon has been raising money to support local charities and our success speaks to this belief in working together.

Over the past twenty one years we have raised over two million dollars for local charities. Our funding is focused on supporting programs which provide assistance to Yukon children, youth and families; respond to the needs of people living with disabilities; address alcohol and drug abuse; and seek to reduce the adverse effects of poverty.

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