Hockey Marathon Silent Auction 2022

Synergy Youth and Community Development Society
March 2022
08:00 PM MDT
April 2022
01:00 PM MDT
GOAL $20,000.00
104.4% REACHED!

About Our Auction

In honour of the 2022 World's Longest Hockey Marathon, Synergy is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Chestermere Hockey Marathon for the Kids in the common goal of raising funds to support vulnerable youth. Synergy is hosting a 12-day Silent Auction fundraiser, which includes a variety of items to bid on, ranging from airline passes to wellness packages. While the funds collected from the marathon will be directed towards the Alberta Children's Hospital, Synergy will be using the funds to support their youth development programs. These programs offer a continuum of guidance, mentorship and unique opportunities for youth of all ages who do not fit the mold of the community's traditional program offerings. We strive to cultivate the maximum potential of youth by contributing the tools and resources necessary to support their success in the realms of emotional, intellectual, physical, and social health. Synergy will improve the number of resources and services that are available in these programmes with the proceeds from this auction, allowing more youth to participate with greater leadership experiences.

About Synergy Youth and Community Development Society

Synergy is a charitable organization that strives to empower youth and community groups to build strong connections through relationships, education, leadership and programming. This organization was established to serve the needs of a community that has been growing at an extremely rapid rate since the early 2000’s. Following the completion of a number of community evaluations and a formal Social Plan in 2012, youth programming, volunteerism, and community leadership were identified as sectors in need of formal support and growth. Synergy was incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act on November 6, 2013 with a mandate to deliver a continuum of leadership education opportunities to youth and their community.

Our Mandate:
Synergy offers leadership and wellness education for individuals and local nonprofits. Through resiliency building programs, community-based activities, and professional facilitation services, we provide opportunities to develop healthy relationships and cultivate our community’s potential.

Synergy hosts the Centre for Community Leadership, a collaborative gathering space for the nonprofit sector to meet, deliver programs and services and access resource tools, relevant information, and training opportunities.

Synergy promotes the volunteer sector as a valuable resource and develops individual and nonprofit agencies’ capacity to increase skills, competencies, and self confidence, which serves to enhance our community’s quality of life.

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