67th Annual Young Fellows Club of Weyburn Auction

The Young Fellows Club of Weyburn
March 2024
09:00 AM CST
April 2024
09:15 PM CST
GOAL $140,000.00
104.5% REACHED!

About Our Auction

The funds raised from this auction and all our other projects go towards supporting a wide range of groups, programs, and facilities that serve families and individuals in the Weyburn community and beyond. From athletics to education, parks and recreation, and special needs programs, every dollar raised by the Young Fellows goes back into making our community a better place for all. We are proud to be the catalyst for positive change in our community. Thank you for your support!

About The Young Fellows Club of Weyburn

Going back to the beginning—the year 1922—the world was in a depression and the young men of Weyburn, as elsewhere, were feeling the loss of companionship gained from the First World War. A group of young men decided to do something about it and several coffee cup discussions later, a call was sent out by Don Mitchell to the young men of the city to meet in the city hall on May 18,1922. From this meeting was born “The Young Fellows' Club of Weyburn” with the Aims: To promote the spirit of fraternalism among its members; To develop its members for better citizenship and to contribute in any way which it deemed advisable to public welfare: Choosing constitutionally the admirable motto “WE SERVE”.

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