Yellow Farmhouse and Eating with the Ecosystem
December 2020
12:00 PM EST
December 2020
11:48 PM EST

About Our Auction

Help us to build a better food future!

If we have learned anything this year it is that a thriving local food system is critical to health - of our bodies, our environment, our community.

The Yellow Farmhouse supports regional farmers and food producers by educating students, teachers, and families about where our food comes from and how food choices matter. With community funding, we have started to support farmers by purchasing product at fair prices and donating to those with limited access to locally grown food.

Proceeds from the Food and Farm Holiday Auction will fund the ongoing costs of collecting food from farmers and packaging and delivering it to community kitchens, families in need, and local housing authorities. Proceeds will also support expansion of our education programs so that we can support more families, teachers, and students with low to no cost programming and do our part to build a better food future for all members of our community.

Thank you for your generous support.

Happy Bidding!

About Yellow Farmhouse and Eating with the Ecosystem

Yellow Farmhouse Education Center uses culinary and farm-based education to connect people to each other and to where their food comes from so that we can cultivate a shared commitment to supporting a local, sustainable food system accessible and affordable to all. Our cooking classes, curriculum development, teacher training, farm tours, and conferences create meaningful change in how our food is grown, prepared, and consumed, ensure that the next generation is invested in a sustainable food system, support human health, community health, and environmental health.

Eating with the Ecosystem is committed to pioneering a unique solution to the challenges of sustaining wild-caught fisheries. We envision a local seafood marketing system that mirrors ecosystem dynamics, supports and engages community-based fishermen, and creates system resilience through positive feedback loops between the people who eat seafood and the ecosystems that produce it. By introducing new mental models for food system planning and new avenues for consumer engagement, we work to replace a piecemeal and reductionist view of sustainability with a systems-based, place-bound template for sustainability that serves the long-term benefit of the New England region’s people and ecosystems.

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