WOMEN "Public Strain" T-Shirt - new, size M

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December 2017
09:00 PM MST
January 2018
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About Our Auction

This WOMEN "Public Strain " t-shirt is new/never worn and was recently discovered hiding in Chris Reimer's extensive t-shirt collection.

Fans of the band and of Chris himself who missed the chance to own this shirt now have the chance!

We fund youth training in music and dance in honour of our beloved Chris.

Women recorded their 2008 self-titled debut album with label-mate Chad Vangaalen over 4 months on ghettoblasters and old tape machines in his basement and outdoors. This debut brought the young band critical acclaim from across the blogosphere, tour opportunities across Canada, the United States, UK and Europe, and a heightened level of international interest from many lo-fi junkies and seasoned audiophiles.

In fall of 2009, Patrick Flegel (vocals/guitar), Matt Flegel (bass/vocals), Chris Reimer (guitar/vocals), and Michael Wallace (drums) returned to the studio with an abundance of ideas, working around conflicting schedules and graveyard shifts. Over six months, with Chad VanGaalen again on production duties, the band laboriously crafted a timeless sounding recording over the dead of winter in Alberta, Canada.

The four members of Women had been in bands together since childhood, and as a result the foursome were able to marry dense experimental noise and intricate instrumentation with delicate, melodic songwriting in a seemingly effortless manner. With Public Strain, the band carved out their own creative vision; both proudly their own and reflective of their upbringing in the barren suburbs of Calgary, Alberta.

About Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society

We fund youth training in music and dance in honour of our beloved Chris Reimer.

Chris Reimer:
Member of bands Veritas, Beneath These Idle Tides, Azeda Booth, Women, Church of the Very Bright Lights and Gold. Played instruments for countless other Calgary acts over the years. Guitarist for The Dodos in 2011.

Chris also developed a body of compositions of ambient music, including The Chad Tape, which was released posthumously by his girlfriend Rena Kozak with help from Chad VanGaalen and Ian Russell at Flemish Eye.

Other creative outlets included designing and building effects pedals and recording and producing other groups. In addition to guitar and drums, he also dabbled with cello, bass and piano.

Touring and performing took Chris across Canada, the United States, and many countries in Europe playing in venues such as the Prima Vera Festival, SXSW Festival, Sled Island Festival, the CMJ Music Marathon and, in November 2011, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in which he appeared with Neko Case and The Dodos.

Chris’ artistic talents extended beyond music: he was involved with dance performance as a youth, and he created a collection of mostly unseen drawings, photographs and writing as a young man. Chris’ early training in dance and music was integral to his development as a professional artist.

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