Wings "Faces of Rescue" 2022 Art Show

The Wings Programs Inc.
September 2022
08:00 AM MDT
September 2022
12:00 PM MDT

About Our Auction

The purpose of this on-line art show is to raise funds for The Wings Programs - an Equine Rescue located in Corvallis MT. Tracy Rose Moyers is a talented local artist and will be graciously donating proceeds from her artwork to Wings. The paintings are based on photos of actual rescues captured by Alicia Mara, a Wing's Board Member/Volunteer. Tracy's beautiful, bold watercolors highlight the faces of some of the horses and donkeys that have been saved and cared for by Wings over the last few years. Proceeds will be used to continue to feed and care for these beautiful animals while working to rehabilitate, rehome, and provide sanctuary to some.

Tracy Rose Moyers - Artist Overview

Inspired by the Rocky Mountain west- the almost heavenly feel of the Rocky Mountains, the freedom and wild spirit of the wildlife and the lore of living with and respecting nature and the view directly out my own studio window is the inspiration behind my paintings. The fluidity and spontaneity of the watercolor media fits in with the feel the subject
matter gives me. Allowing the media and the subject matter to do what comes naturally without controlling. The use of salt for texture and effects is evident in my watercolor on paper paintings. Concentrating on the eyes of the animal or human to reveal their inner spirit and soul, to connect personally with the subject matter is my focus.

The approach to the work is direct, without any preliminaries. The process is based on intuition allowing the media and subject matter to become one. The style of painting leans more towards realism with an abstract touch with the desire to reveal the feelings the subject matter evokes within me. And to pass that feeling on to the viewer. My work has been described as American Realism conveying a sense of artistic patriotism.

Creating the Faces of Rescue Series - Artist Experience

Each Faces of Rescue Painting is a 12 X 12 Watercolor on Canvas. Painting in watercolor on the watercolor canvas is more challenging than painting on the watercolor paper. Since the paint doesn’t soak in the same way, the paint is put on thicker with less water. I experimented with the paints and colors to get the desired effect. Though more challenging, I love the outcome and vibrancy of the colors! After the painting is finished and dried, I spray it with several coats of UV protectant varnish to protect. This allows you to hang it without having to be under glass like watercolor on paper.

Painting these paintings of the rescues was a lot of fun. The photos from Alicia Mara had unique poses which made painting them real enjoyable. I was trying to capture each rescue's unique personality. I painted them from the photographs and didn’t meet them until afterwards so I was surprised to see some of them were miniatures. They had sweet and adorable personalities.

About The Wings Programs Inc.

The Wings Programs Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation and Sanctuary.

The Wings Programs provides assistance to both equines and equine owners in need. Equines in our care receive rehabilitation for physical and emotional problems, training as necessary to be able to transition into a new permanent home. Some of our horses and donkeys are sanctuary equines, meaning they are not available for adoption for various reasons. These equines participate in Equine and Community programs throughout the Bitterroot Valley.

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