White Whiskers Springtime Sale!

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary of WNY
March 2023
12:00 PM EDT
March 2023
08:00 PM EDT
GOAL $4,000.00
120.9% REACHED!

About Our Auction

We have secured a property, and the Special Use Permit necessary to open our Sanctuary!

All proceeds from this auction help cover the sanctuary renovation costs needed to get White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary up and running!

About White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary of WNY

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary of Western New York will be a unique dog shelter in the Akron, NY. We are an all-volunteer venture that aims to ease the stress and anxiety that senior dogs experience when they lose their homes by providing a vibrant and compassionate option for them to live out their years in safety, comfort, and peace.

White Whiskers will provide senior dogs a home-like setting in which to live where they can interact with other dogs and humans as well. It will not just be a haven for older dogs, but one that would benefit humans through interactions with the dogs. Imagine a green space filled with children who are playing with the dogs or reading to them; or a place where high school students can come and study with a dog on their lap, or where senior adults can gather at the sanctuary to enjoy an afternoon of classical music surrounded by contented dogs.

We are honored to have you along for the journey!

We have big dreams! Follow along, volunteer, or donate to help us make these big dreams turn into a special place for senior dogs and the people who love them. Please “like” us on social media platforms and “share” our dreams with your social network. Stay tuned for regular updates on our mission to give senior dogs a soft place to land when they find themselves experiencing homelessness.

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