Westminster West Community Fair

Congregational Church of Westminster West Vermont
September 2023
08:00 AM EDT
September 2023
05:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The Westminster West Community Fair is a fun and festive annual event that attracts people throughout southern Vermont and beyond.

It also is the largest annual fundraiser for the Congregational Church of Westminster West, a sanctuary and gathering place for people of all ages, in times of joy and sorrow, celebration and contemplation, rest and renewal. This online silent auction is one way to help support the church in its service to the community.

Take a look at the choices, see the minimum bid, and then choose one or more items on which to bid. Holiday gifts, birthday presents, something for yourself you’ve always wanted? These are great items and wonderful values.

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Be sure to take a look at Gordon Hayward's vintage Aran sweater, knit for him by his landlady, "Granny Hernon," on one of the Aran Islands off Galway, It comes with a copy of his journal from the month he and Mary spent on Innishmore back in 1977, in which Granny Hernon plays a big part.

There are also two antiques from the estate of Libby Mills, a long-term and much-loved resident of West West: a blue-and-white porcelain teapot and a child's chest of drawers, both from the 1840's.

And there are lots of other items to consider!

About Congregational Church of Westminster West Vermont

The Congregational Church of Westminster West, Vermont, is a small band of progressive community members who seek to be a blessing to all of God’s creation, to promote peace wherever we can, to work together with people of our faith, of other faiths, and of no faith.

We believe that no matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you should be made welcome. We try to live by that faith, to make our church a sanctuary in every way: a space for worship, a place of safety, and a place where souls are nourished and prepared for their work in the world.

We think God is doing remarkable things here in Westminster West, and we’d love to have you be part of it.

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