A Vision For You

Peoria Area Intergroup
February 2023
09:00 AM CST
February 2023
08:00 PM CST
GOAL $4,000.00
71.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

Hi, this auction is open to the public so share the Qr code with your friends.

There is a video of the items that was filmed for the walk-through open house if you would like a view of the items sitting out on tables. You can view it at aapeoria.org under the 'News to Use' banner.

We have reduced starting bid levels for some items within the auction beginning now. Check out some of your wish list items.

Items listed as "Group Donation" will be available at our fundraising event for in person silent auction bidding. A submittal of a 'Buy It Now' bid on a Group Donation item will remove it from the auction and award the item to the person submitting that bid.

If you would like to donate to our fundraiser, you can donate to us through the green 'DONATE' button on this page or by visiting our website - aapeoria.org.

Here are some tips on Bids and Bidding. If you want additional information on the Auction, click on the "Help" button above or contact us. Also consider a donation to assist our achieving the fund-raising goal.

A proxy bid allows you to enter the maximum amount you're willing to spend with the goal of winning the item at the lowest possible price. The system will bid for you, up to your maximum proxy bid amount, as additional bids are entered on the item. An exact bid is the amount you want the item's current selling price to immediately jump to. Your bid amount will not change as additional bids are entered on the item.

How do I enter a proxy bid or an exact bid?
To enter a proxy bid, enter your maximum bid amount, click the Proxy Bid button, and then submit your bid. To enter an exact bid, enter your bid amount, click the Exact Bid button, and then submit your bid.

The Auction will close at 8 pm on Feb 18, 2023. Winning Bidders should automatically receive an invoice detailing their winning Bid Items and amounts and provide an opportunity to pay via the link provided on the invoice.

About Peoria Area Intergroup

The Peoria Area Intergroup, a charitable organization, is hosting this Web Based Auction as a part of our "A Vision for You" Fundraiser. The public is welcome to participate in this auction and event.

The items in this auction have been donated or sponsored by the individuals or businesses as listed. You can find payment and shipping arrangements by scrolling the bidding page. Enjoy this auction and thanks for your participation.

The purposes of the Peoria Area Intergroup Association are:

a. To perform those functions which are common to the aims of all groups of Alcoholics Anonymous.
b. To assist in the education of the general public concerning the disease of alcoholism and the role of Alcoholic Anonymous in combating that disease.
c. To assist alcoholics and their families.
d. To maintain a conveniently located office in which paid workers and volunteers are available to carry the Alcoholic Anonymous message.
e. The act as a clearing house for the circulation and exchange of information among all the Alcoholic Anonymous groups of the Peoria Area Intergroup Association.
f. To receive inquiries from those seeking help and refer them to the appropriate group, where sponsorship can be arranged or to other appropriate organizations and agencies.
g. To publish and distribute, at regular intervals, up-to-date lists of meetings and other information about local Alcoholic Anonymous services.

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