Basket Auction for Thoreau School!

Thoreau Elementary School PTG
November 2020
At Midnight EST
November 2020
10:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

The funds raised from this event will support programs and activities that benefit our students, families and teachers.

Please click on each basket for a complete list of contents. The value of each basket FAR exceeds $100.

Thank you to our incredible THOREAU community for the outpouring of support for this event!


About Thoreau Elementary School PTG

The PTG exists to:

Enhance educational, cultural, and social opportunities of the Thoreau School students.
Provide an open forum for parents, faculty, staff, and administration of the Thoreau School to meet and to facilitate communication on matters affecting the school community.
Sponsor and provide funds for specific programs and activities that benefit students, families and teachers.
Serve as a liaison between the parent community and the school system administration.
Build relations between the Thoreau School and the outside community.
Educate the Thoreau community on policy or other matters that may affect the community.
Serve as a resource for parents in the understanding of school policies and practices.
Instill the positive message of the “Thoreau C.A.R.E.S.” school spirit.

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