Tasha Swiderski

Tasha Strong
October 2023
08:00 AM MDT
October 2023
10:15 PM MDT
GOAL $100,000.00
14.9% To Goal

About Our Auction

Update: my apologies for anyone trying to email for pick up instructions and kept getting an undeliverable error message. The email has been corrected. Please email mscheryl123@gmail.com or stash103@hotmail.com
Thank you and sorry for the confusion.

I stand before you today as a fighter, diagnosed with triple negative high-grade carcinoma, consistent with invasive ductal carcinoma. Alongside this battle, I also have an 8.9cm x 4.3cm x 1.2cm Desmoid tumor on the same side as my breast cancer, tightly wrapped around my ribs and chest wall. Additionally, another desmoid tumor embraces my breast cancer. Due to the location of the desmoid tumors, it has made operating on the breast cancer mass a challenge. Despite these challenges, I'm here to share my journey of resilience and hope. We found a medical facility that has a unique way of treating cancer. Envita’s personalized blueprint treats cancer at its core. At Envita, they use targeted therapies such as immunotherapy, precision oncology, and CIPI (Chemo Immuno Precision Injections). CIPI is a game changer, because CIPI has a high success rate in not only shrinking cancerous tumors, but even getting rid of them.
I am excited to use the 32auction platform for raising money for my treatment. Today, I humbly ask for your support and generosity. Your participation will directly contribute to covering the cost for my life saving treatment, providing me with hope and the opportunity for a brighter future. At present, our goal is to raise $100,000.00, and your contribution is essential in helping us reach this amount. Thank you for your compassion and generosity, and for standing by my side as I navigate this challenging journey. Your support means the world to me and my family.

About Tasha Strong

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On Friday, October 6th, we will be opening the online auction and will close at 10:13 p.m. on Friday, October 13th. The significance behind 10:13 is Rob and I were actually married October 13, 17 years ago on Friday. So, it is pretty special that this event will be closing on this day.
We encourage you to participate in our Silent Auction, where you’ll find a wide variety of items, from fine dining, to sporting gear, gift cards, and unique experiences. Once you’ve placed a bid on an item, you’ll receive a notification when other bids are made for the same item. You can also use the “Max Bid” and the system will bid for you up to the amount you choose!
The online auction will close at 10:13 p.m. on October 13th. Please email mscheryl123@gmail.com to arrange pickup of any items that you win.
All funds raised will help provide essential care and treatment for fighting Tasha’s battle against breast cancer.

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