Awards Party

January 2023
02:00 PM CST
March 2023
08:30 PM CDT

About Our Auction

This is a silent auction to benefit education programs at the 2023 Tallgrass Film Association events including our Emerging Filmmaker Program for ages 13-18 and free monthly alliance meetings as well as industry workshops during the film festival.

About Tallgrass Film Association

Our Mission
Tallgrass Film Association fosters an appreciation of the cinematic arts by creating shared experiences around the international medium of film.

Our Purpose
Tallgrass Film Association entertains, educates, and inspires audiences in the Wichita community and beyond by showcasing the best of independent films from around the world through an annual 5-day film festival, year-round special screenings, filmmaking competitions and filmmaker labs. We strive to preserve the cultural tradition of film as a communal adventure. Movies bring us together: they entertain, spark conversation, build community and forge new relationships.

Our Core Values:
Independent film and filmmaking
We value the significance of independent film and the art of filmmaking.

Artistic integrity
We honor artistic integrity while striving for excellence.

Artistic development
We embrace the process of developing artists.

Sense of community and community experience
We create opportunities for community connections and impactful conversations.

Inclusion and diversity.
We commit to meaningful inclusion and diversity in film, audience and artists.

Our Vision for the Wichita Community:
Wichita will be a community that values filmmaking, as a place that appreciates the art of independent film, fosters growth and success among those making films locally, and draws filmmakers from around the world to experience our stories, locations, talent, culture and hospitality.

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