2018 SWFBC Emerge 5K Online Auction

Second  Wind Fund of Boulder County
April 2018
03:00 PM MDT
May 2018
11:04 AM MDT

About Our Auction

We are supporting our annual Emerge 5K race (https://events.com/r/en_US/registration/emerge-5k--helping-our-youth-soar-2018-boulder-may-732277), our main fundraiser, with this auction. This year, the success of the Emerge event (including this auction) is even more critical. Unfortunately, the demand for our services grew 66% in fiscal year 2017 (ended 6/30/17) compared to FY2016. In FY2018 year to date, we are experiencing growth that exceeds 2017 by over 50%! The Emerge 5K event is an empowering experience designed to raise awareness of youth suicide prevention efforts and bring support to the youth of Boulder County.

About Second Wind Fund of Boulder County

Founded in 2009, Second Wind Fund of Boulder County's (SWFBC) is a non-profit organization that provides free therapy for Boulder Valley and Saint Vrain students with suicidal ideation. As an organization, we realize all children need to have access to mental health counseling; however not all kids' families can afford it. They are either not insured or underinsured. We help these kids by providing a therapist and paying for their sessions - NO cost to them.

Unfortunately, compared to just two years ago, requests for our services are up over 75%. SWFBC is extremely proud of the fact that we have provided referrals for over 475 youth in our community and never lost one to suicide.

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