Sunshine Coast budgerigar association au-ction #7

Sunshine Coast budgerigar association
February 2024
06:00 PM AEST
February 2024
08:07 PM AEST

About Our Auction

The birds available will be from Sunshine coast Members and fellow hobbyists the descriptions of birds are taken from the seller Sunshine Coast will not take responsible for any inaccuracies and if there is a problem my be taken up with the seller.Please take in consideration of the location of bird before bidding as the freight and freight cost is the responsibility of the buyer PAYMENT MUST BE MADE 48HRS AFTER AUCTION ENDS INVOICES WILL BE SENT OUT TO THE WINNING BIDDER .We recommend Carmel and Nick from Aussie pet connections 0400 966 738 and Mick & Ann from Animal fright Australia 0419 349 441 for all your freight needs

About Sunshine Coast budgerigar association

Sunshine coast budgerigar association is a small club in qld based on the Sunshine Coast the club promotes trying to entice juniors and new members to the hobby while still continuing to Breed the modern budgerigar

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