For The Kids.....And Immunity!

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June 2018
12:00 PM MDT
July 2018
At Midnight MDT
GOAL $2,500.00
108.4% REACHED!

About Our Auction

I strongly support the mission of Kids Up Front, providing children and teens with experiences that foster possibilities, passions and ticket at a time! Stranded: Water Valley and Kids Up Front both align with another passion of mine, mental health awareness. I am a member of Project Semicolon. I support #BellLetsTalk and the #SickNotWeak movement. All of these initiatives and organizations work together to help make lives better for Canadians. Poverty, abuse, mental health, disability, being a newcomer to Canada....all of these characteristics help BUILD who we are BUT do not and should not DEFINE who we are. Rather we need to come together as a society and end the stigma. Let us show support for one another. I hope I can carry this message forward through my participation in Stranded: Water Valley 2018 and show kids, teens and adults the message of support for one another while also proving even times of darkness do not have to define us nor defeat us. No one person should have the power to snuff out YOUR torch!

About Stranded:Water Valley Fundraiser

I hope I can raise funds and awareness for Kids Up Front. I hope the funds raised can help create a positive impact in the lives of others. I hope the awareness I can bring towards outstanding organizations like Kids Up Front, #BellLetsTalk, Project Semicolon and #SickNotWeak can help foster a positive change in how people interact and support one another. I am a VERY small torch in the grand scheme of this world but I have a message of survival. I have lived in fear of others opinions. I have been bullied because of who I am. I don't want others, of any age, to live that lifestyle. And I also hope to have a positive impact on myself, proving the little voice in my head constantly telling me "I am not good enough" or "I cannot do this" is wrong and can be silenced. Oh and lets have a little fun along the way and show people the value of having fun and laughing!! Meet some new people, have new experiences and enjoy the thrill ride known as life experiences. The Project Semicolon motto of "your story is not over" is one to be applied to many Canadians. The Calgarians Kids Up Front supports. The Canadians who feel alone. The residents who feel bullied and afraid. All of us can have the common mantra of looking towards a more positive future.....our story is not over! YOUR story is not over! MY story is NOT over!!
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