Boots & Bling - The Online Edition

October 2020
06:45 PM CDT
October 2020
11:45 PM CDT
GOAL $15,000.00
60.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

Boots & Bling - The Online Edition is our annual auction which was delayed from Spring of 2020. This event, our largest fundraiser of the year, enables us to contribute to new programming, school improvements, and tuition scholarships. This is all made possible thanks to the generous donations from businesses around the Chicagoland area.
We are blessed to have such generous donors, volunteers and participants!

About St. Philip Lutheran School

Since 1937, St. Philip has helped our students grow into smart, healthy, active members of the community - all built on a foundation of the Christian values of love, family and community. We are of the belief that a school can be so much more than just a building. It's the center of a vibrant community of teachers, staff, students, and parents. At St. Philip, our classes and activities are designed to help students build self-confidence and initiative, so they're ready to succeed at school and in life.

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