St. Anne's Day School: Spring Fling Auction

May 2024
06:00 PM EDT
May 2024
06:03 PM EDT
GOAL $2,000.00
65.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

The Day School's auction consists of one-of-a kind classroom created and decorated items as well as a variety of donated items. All proceeds raised from the classroom items will directly benefit each classroom. All proceeds from the remainder of the auction items will be used for school improvements. Bid high and bid often!

About St. Anne's Parish Day School

St. Anne's Parish Day School is a non-profit, private school who serves children nursery, preschool and K-2nd grades. The mission of St. Anne's Parish Day School is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that, from a Christian perspective, will promote the spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child. We value childhood as an important period of life to which children are entitled. We strive to provide experiences that are developmentally appropriate for the young child, contributing to a strong foundation for future educational and personal life experiences.

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