Solstice Fundraiser

Human Venture Leadership
December 2020
10:00 AM MST
December 2020
09:08 PM MST
GOAL $3,274.00
104.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

We have a focus on experiences in our auction this year: delicious, thrilling, meaningful and/or adventurous experiences await you in 2021!

Money raised will support participant bursaries for upcoming programs, offset 2021 expenses, and pay for Ken's books to further our resources and program development.

The auction runs until 9PM on December 23rd. If an item receives a bid during the last minute of the auction, the bidding time will be extended by 3 minutes, to a maximum of 30 minutes.

All winners must pay for their items, and arrange for pick up or delivery of their items within 3 days of the auction ending.

About Human Venture Leadership

Human Venture Leadership (HVL) focuses on developing the capacities and insights needed to address 21st century challenges. As our pool of over 800 alumni can attest, HVL has provided deep thinking, programming, research and resources to support systemic-adaptive learning in complex environments for 21 years. Your support will help to ensure that we can continue to build adaptive leadership in this province and beyond as we navigate the challenges ahead.

While systemic-adaptive capacities such as strategy, innovation, systems thinking, resilience, and ethical capacity are highly valued in our society, they are in limited supply. Human Venture Leadership helps participants to begin the process of developing these capacities, providing the maps, tools, and ongoing support for a life-long learning journey. By strengthening the capacity of leaders to learn, think, care and act in systemic-adaptive ways, we strengthen the capacity of organizations and communities to meet the most significant challenges and opportunities facing them.

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