Snag Art Auction

Snag Art
May 2020
08:00 PM PDT
May 2020
08:03 PM PDT
GOAL $2,000.00
21.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Artists all over Vancouver do so much for their local communities and inspire us all throughout our normal daily lives. Now when they need us most, we want to help them to pay their rent, keep the lights on, and most importantly, keep creating.

Your money is well spent. Not only do you get a brand new original piece of artwork for your home, but you also get the satisfaction of supporting artists that have lost their jobs or are struggling to make ends meet during this extremely uncertain time.

About Snag Art

Snag is a showcase of Vancouver’s most illustrious & technically sound artistic talents. Whether in-person or virtually, Snag provides a welcoming and engaging experience for artists and attendees.

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